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Do You Have to Be a Resident of Ohio to File Bankruptcy in That State?

Interviewer: How long does someone have to live in the state of Ohio? Do they have to be a resident to file bankruptcy there?

Adam: Actually, I don’t believe they do. I’ve never actually had a client who resides out of state actually approach me on that. However, I don’t think there’s an actual residency requirement.

It Is Possible to File for Bankruptcy in a State in Which You Do Not Reside

Interviewer: What about Pennsylvania, since you are located on the border?

Adam: I would say it probably would be possible, because I’ve been involved in domestic proceedings where other attorneys have handled a bankruptcy for a couple who were in the process of getting divorced at that point in time.

It must be possible, because at the time, one of the spouses did reside in another state so with respect to that I would say, where ever they live, for the most part they could file in any location. This is because of bankruptcy is handled in federal court.  The big concern would be letting the creditors know that there is a proceeding.

By Adam Hunt

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