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Divorce / Family Law

Interviewer:Family law – I don’t know if people understand that term. I understand, obviously, divorce, and maybe child custody, but what’s involved with family law just as a brief overview kind of things?

Adam: Well, yes, obviously, divorce dissolution, custody and then you have enforcement of those issues if there was a support order ordered at one point and time. You might have to go back in and modify that. Family law can also be grandparent visitation rights if one of the natural parents has passed or is out of the state or just out of the picture for some reason.Sometimes I do stumble across occasional abuse or I’m defending against somebody that’s been accused by CSB or doing something wrong, Children’s Services Bureau. Children’s Services Bureau is also known to be Child Protective Services and involves child neglect or abuse.

Interviewer: And then you also cross over the border and handle some cases in Pennsylvania. Is that right?

Adam: Not a lot. Mostly if I’m handling something with a PA resident they’re in Ohio. Their action’s in Ohio.

Interviewer: Are you licensed to practice in Pennsylvania?

Adam: No. you know how reciprocity works, though. I mean I suppose if I had to be I could ad-hoc-viche it or something, but I haven’t had to.

By Adam Hunt

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