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Did Ohio Legalize Medical Marijuana?

Interviewer: There are no medical marijuana provisions pending or active in Ohio, is that right?

Adam: No legislature has been passed. I’m certain that there has been some legislation introduced but it hasn’t moved anywhere.

Interviewer: So there’s no safe harbor protection yet for anyone that uses it or transports it?

Adam: No, nothing as yet.

Interviewer: Are there any special provisions for people who don’t live in Ohio but are bringing drugs into Ohio?

Adam: No, the same laws apply to people who live outside of Ohio.

If You Receive a Drug Charge in Ohio and You Are Not a State Resident, You Will Lose your Driving Privileges in Ohio, Not Necessarily Your Home State

Interviewer: What if you’re from Pennsylvania and you’re pulled over in Ohio and you are carrying marijuana, is the situation worse for you than if you were Ohio resident?

Adam: Actually, coming from Pennsylvania would probably be less detrimental because we don’t have an interstate compact. If they were going to lose their license, they only lose their driving privileges in Ohio because of the lack of that compact with Pennsylvania. Other than that, I don’t think there would be any other distinction between how they would treat you.

By Adam Hunt

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