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Cost of Expungement

Interviewer: How much does expungement cost?

Adam Hunt: It depends on the number of issues. Sometimes there is a little bit of judicial discretion so a person may not technically qualify or would have too many outstanding issues to qualify for an expungement, but if you’re in the right courts and you work it and you know the judge well enough or at least you know how he’s going to react, and you file one that would put them over the limit of the number of charges or incidents, and then obviously they’re going to want to get rid of the others. It’s going to vary on how complicated the issues are.

Interviewer: Let’s say a client had a theft charge. They maybe wrote a hot check and I’ve actually seen this happen to people I know where they go and take care of something, they get themselves a public defender and they’ll nod and agree and say, “We’ll take care of it for you,” and then they get a theft charge on their record. They have no jail time but they have a theft charge on the record and now they want to get it expunged because they found out all this time it’s been preventing them from finding jobs. Roughly, how much will that cost them? How much will that set them back to expunge it?

Adam Hunt: Again, this is going to depend on, first and foremost, what court they’re in, and how long it was. There are going to be a lot of variables. Was it twenty years ago? Again, it’s going to depend on which judge they’re in front of and the nature of the theft. There are going to be a lot of variables that will have to be imputed to give them an honest calculation on that without just giving a definite amount.

Interviewer: Is there a range? I’ve heard some people tell me it’s between $500 and $1,200.

Adam Hunt: I would assume that that’s a decent range. Sometimes it could be even down to $250, but it’s going to depend on those variables and how much time is involved, what needs to be done, and how complicated the situation is.

Interviewer: Let’s say someone had a marijuana possession conviction about four years ago for a small amount of marijuana and now they have a misdemeanor on their record. Given those circumstances, how much do you think that might cost them?

Adam Hunt: Again, it’s going to depend on what court you’re operating in and what the nature of that possession charge was, and how the individual cooperated during the arrest. Were they ignorant with the officer? Were they rude? They’ll look over the police report and things like that so those things are all factors that are going to impact it at least.

By Adam Hunt

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