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Common Questions about Personal Injury Cases

Interviewer: What are some of the most common questions clients ask you?

Do I Have a Viable Case?

Adam Hunt: First of all, they want to know if they have a legitimate claim. The other question is typically they’re not always looking at just monetary compensation, but they feel it wasn’t their fault. They want some type of reassurance that the incident wasn’t their fault.

They want to be in a position where they weren’t at fault, and they want, typically, some type of justification on the issue.

Interviewer: Is there a typical individual, or is there a particular age group that is involved in the slip and fall incidents? Or is that just a generalization?

Anyone, Regardless of Age Can Be Involved in a Slip and Fall Incident

Adam Hunt: I don’t think there is any type. It ranges across all ages. Accidents happen to everyone, all age groups, all sexes, and all races. I would think that no any person is immune to being hurt from somebody else’s negligence.

An Empathetic Attorney Can Help Reassure You after an Injury That You Were Not at Fault

Interviewer: What do you do to help remove the emotional aspect from the situation? Obviously people are pretty distraught over what happened, and then they feel like, like you said, that they want some sort of vindication on the matter. What do you do to help remove that emotional aspect?

Adam Hunt: Because of the fact that I’ve been in their position, I understand what they’re going through. That helps out significantly. I understand what the emotion could be. I’ve lived through it and I can relate on that level. I have the rapport. I’ve gone through it. I know what you’re feeling. I know that you’re upset.

I know it wasn’t their fault. Somebody else did something wrong and now they’re paying the price in pain for that person’s mistake. That helps quite a bit. The only compensation the law actually allows is monetary. It’s not going to be revenge. It’s not going to be “I had a broken leg, so I want to break their leg.”

Those things don’t work too well when it comes to living in a society. I do explain that the only regress that they actually have is for their pain and suffering is monetary compensation.

It Is Natural to become Frustrated at the Pace of the Legal System

Interviewer: Do you ever have cases where people feel like they get really tired of the case and they become frustrated and they may just want to give up at that point? If that does occur, what do you do about that?

Adam Hunt: It’s going to depend on the nature of the case. If it’s usually going to be a protracted affair, then there’s a reason why. It’s nothing that is done just to make them wait. If a case takes longer, it’s probably because it’s worth more or there might be an issue that is unsettled that needs to be addressed.

Auto Accident Cases Where More Than One Person Was Injured Can become Multiple, Separate Cases

Interviewer: Have you ever worked on auto accident cases where not only one person was injured, but there were several people that were injured?  How different is it from working with one person?

Adam Hunt: In that circumstance, one case becomes three cases, if it’s three people. Each one is individual. The process gets a little more complex, depending on whether it was multiple vehicles or multiple parties that were at fault.

If it is multiple parties that were involved in an accident and there was just one other party at fault, then theoretically, it becomes three separate cases that need to be handled in that manner.

By Adam Hunt

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