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Common Occurrences of Theft in Ohio

Interviewer: Sad, but true. What are the common places that you see thefts happening? Is it in Big Box stores? What do you see that’s common to your state?

Adam: The retail establishment where we see the most theft is Home Depots, more often than not. People that are actually stealing from the store by taking an item up to Home Depot counter, even though they haven’t purchased it, and saying they’ve lost the receipt. The store won’t give them money back, but they’ll give them Home Depot credit. This works as long as they get in and out quick enough and don’t do it repeatedly. That is the most common theft I’ve seen.

Interviewer: People, instead of outright walking out with merchandise from Home Depot, are trying to dupe the employees into giving them store credit?

Adam: Yes, that’s correct.

By Adam Hunt

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