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Common Misconceptions About the Probation Process

Interviewer: What are the top misconceptions probationers have about the probation process that we haven’t cover?

Adam: A common misconception is hat probation officers are out to get them. For example, that we’re just looking for our probationers to mess up, and we’re really not. We don’t want to take them back to court. We don’t want to see them go to prison.

Prison does nothing. Prison makes their life harder. They’re going to lose time from their life being stuck in prison. They’re going to end up with a prison number. It’s going to make them even harder to be able to find a job. We don’t want that.

I don’t want to know somebody on a first name basis because they’ve been in and out of my office for the last ten years. We don’t want that.

We’re not out to get them, but it’s our job to enforce the court’s order. When the judge says, ”No illegal drugs or alcohol,” it’s our job to make sure you’re not. If you are, then we’re supposed to report that to the court.

We don’t think we’re police officers. We don’t think we’re commandos, we’re going to break into your house and search it. We don’t want to do any of those things.

We want the defendant to do everything they’re supposed to do and get off their probation as early as possible. That’s what we all want.

By Adam Hunt

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