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Common Misconceptions about Juvenile Criminal Cases

Interviewer: What are some of these misconceptions that the parents typically have?

Adam: I guess the most common misconception would be well they were just, boys will be boys or whatever; they were just being children.  They weren’t doing anything wrong.  That doesn’t necessarily preclude the law from doing what the law has to do.

And the other one would be that okay, we’ve got a very serious charge, something severe and this person has never had any problems in their background.  So we should just give them a pass or a get-out-of jail-free card.  If it’s a severe enough crime, then obviously it doesn’t matter what your background is. The prosecution would probably still pursue the charges or be less willing to negotiate some type of plea agreement.  They may even pursue a trial.  They may put more resources into the trial.

What Misconceptions Do Juveniles Have about Their Case?

Interviewer: What misconceptions do the juveniles have about their case?

Adam: I don’t think that they necessarily always grasp the severity of the situation.  A large number of times children feel like they’re indestructible.  They’ve never been in trouble and they may not understand the repercussions of whatever they have done.

The other spectrum is they might think that since they have been through the system before, they know what’s going on.  They’re just going to be placed on probation. They don’t grasp the totality of the circumstances that they could wind up in prison.

By Adam Hunt

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