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Common Divorce Misconceptions

Interviewer: I see. What are some of the myths or misconceptions that your clients frequently have that you have to dispel?

There Is No Timeline To Receive Support or Annuities

Adam: There have been several myths regarding support. One of the misconceptions is that they had to be married for 10 years in order to get support. Also whether they had to be married 10 years in order to get any benefits from say a pension or an annuity. There’s really no timeline on things like that, it’s just a matter of a mathematical formula that they’re going to use to determine what percentage should be allocated to the spouse that doesn’t have the pension.

Interviewer: So it’s math, and it’s just pretty much the accounting of what the relative incomes of the spouses are?

Adam: Even for spousal support, people believe that there’s a rule.

A Mathematical Calculations Determines Support

Interviewer: Okay. So we’re talking about the myth that you have to be married for 10 years to get spousal maintenance or other conditions will apply, like the man always pays the wife. But in reality you are saying it’s just a mathematical calculation?

Adam: Right and they’re going to look at income levels and part of the spousal support will be based on the disparity in income. Child support will be based on those incomes and there are formulas for that. There’s no rule of 10 years. There’s no rule of 3. It was one that the people commonly hear that every 3 years that you’re married, you’re entitled to 1 year of support. But there’s no real type of rule that states that.
By Adam Hunt

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