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Checkpoints in Ohio & Case Frequency

Interviewer: Wow. Are there any particular areas in Ohio where these are performed more exclusively than others? Are there any sorts of traffic stops? I’ve heard of that happening sometimes that they’ll have routine traffic stops.

Adam Hunt: The state provides for funding. Basically if a police department conducts so many per month or per year, they receive more than enough funding and then the additional amount of money they receive is also like a carrot they dangle on the grant, provided they set up these roadblocks or stops to do this. The police departments will each receive more than what they’re going to have invested in an officer’s time, so there’s an incentive for them to conduct them.

Interviewer: I see. With that in mind, does that happen often? Does that happen like every month?

Adam Hunt: There’s usually at least one every other week. It depends on holidays, first of all. The holidays are the big time when they really crack down, so if it’s the 4th of July or Christmas. New Year’s is a big one. Saint Patrick’s Day has become a big one, too. So holidays are obvious targets for OVI checkpoints.

Interviewer: Wow. When they do that, are they going to have enough time to perform the standardized field sobriety tests or do they go straight to the Breathalyzer on that?

Adam Hunt: Usually they have enough time because what happens is they bring out more officers to enforce it during that period.

Interviewer: Wow. Does that mean you get a lot of calls, too?

Adam Hunt: Usually around the holidays I do see quite a few.

Interviewer: Wow. How many cases that involve the field sobriety tests did you see last year alone – just a rough estimate?

Adam Hunt: I couldn’t honestly guess. I would say hundreds, maybe pushing a thousand. I would say at least hundreds. I know in my career I’ve seen thousands so, yeah, it’s fairly common – probably one of the most common calls that I get.

By: Adam Hunt

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