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Challenging Breath and Blood Alcohol Tests

Adam: There are lots of ways to challenge them. There are a many factors that go into each test. The urinalysis is one of the easier ones to challenge. There are protocols and standards that they have to make sure were followed during the process of a Breathalyzer.

What Can Affect Results?

Tongue rings are popular, and they have to make sure that there is nothing in the mouth of the person being tested. Sometimes they make a mistake as far as that goes. When someone is arrested and they have something in their mouth, that factor becomes an arguable defense to mitigate or get your charges reduced.

Interviewer: I know some people who have acid reflux and that can affect a Breathalyzer. People who have dentures, or they got frightened and sprayed breath spray into their mouth can also affect the results. Do you see a substantial number of cases that are due to drugs, whether prescription or legal, versus alcohol, or is it mostly alcohol?
By Adam Hunt

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