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Can You Stipulate Where Your Support Money Goes?

Interviewer: In terms of child support, one common thing I’ve heard is that men will typically have more issue with this because more often they’re the bread winner in the family. Have you had men say to you, “I want to make sure that she’s spending that money that I give her on the children and not on herself.” Is there any recourse if a man thinks that his ex-wife is frivolously spending money on manicures instead of taking care of the kids?

Adam: Typically, what I see more often than not is someone that doesn’t want to pay his ex-wife spousal support but doesn’t mind if the child were to get more child support.

Interviewer: I see.

Adam: The bigger issue is usually more about spousal support than it is paying child support.
Basically, they don’t mind giving the child more money, as long as it going to the care of the child, as opposed to having it spent on the spouse. They understand that they’re paying to help support their kids, but they don’t want to have to pay to support their ex-spouse.

Modification of Support or Modification of Custody

Interviewer: What if someone believes that their ex-spouse is not using the child support money to support the children in the right way, the way they want. Is there any recourse?

Adam: You can go back to court and file a sum modification to review the support order or you could attempt to even obtain custody of the child. You file a motion for a modification of either, depending on what term of custody, for support.
By Adam Hunt

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