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Can a Juvenile’s Record Be Expunged?

Interviewer: It seems to me that parents may be concerned about the child’s future and what’s going to happen and there may be a lot of stress going on. What’s the process in which a juvenile can get whatever charges taken off their record completely, either expunged or sealed?  How do they go about doing that?

Adam: Again, it’s going to go back to the severity of the crime.  It will go back to what the actual agreement was or what the judge sentenced them to.  One of the things that probably are the most overlooked is that petty theft could result in a record. A juvenile that eventually becomes an adult and goes to college is not being able to even become a nurse. This is because it’s a theft charge and they’re not going to hire somebody that has a theft charge.

Crimes Committed by Juveniles Can Impact Career Choices When They Are Adults

They might view the charge on a background check or ask them questions, have you ever pled guilty or been convicted of a theft charge and now all of a sudden you can’t even become a nurse because any hospital will not trust you around prescription drugs.

So there is a huge impact on what the nature of the charges were and how it impacts the child’s career or what their choices are in a career for the rest of their lives.

The Record for Juvenile Petty Theft Charge May be Sealed

Interviewer: Can petty theft charges, as an example, be able to be removed get from their record?

A Better Option Is to Have the Right Attorney Defend the Case in an Effort to Reduce the Level of the Juvenile Charge

Adam: They’ll be able to probably get that sealed. Prior to that, it might be one of those things that could be negotiated down to a plea of something like a disorderly conduct. This is because for the most part, judges tend to be fair.  It depends on the attorney and the rapport that the attorney has with the judge.

But even if it’s sealed an employer can always ask the question, “Have you ever been convicted of A, B and C crimes?” and that make preclude them from actually being able to pursue that career.

By Adam Hunt

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