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Burglary, Robbery & Assaults

Interviewer: For burglary, robbery, assaults, heinous offenses like that, do you run into them often?

Adam: I see assault quite frequently. I would say I see at least one assault a month, probably. Obviously, in Ohio, there’s different levels of assault. There’s the misdemeanor assault, then there’s a felony assault.

Interviewer:What’s a misdemeanor and a felony assault? What’s the difference?

Adam: Whether a weapon, or who the victim would be, whether it was an elderly person. If there was a weapon it’s going to be a felony. There’s certain protected classes of people that would automatically fall into felonious, like a police officer; the elderly, like I just said. Most of them are like your misdemeanors, like your bar room fight or something, or an altercation in a parking lot.

Interviewer: Do you see any robberies or burglaries, armed robberies, that kind of stuff.

Adam: We see tons of them in our area. I do myself. A lot of them have to do with serious, somewhat economically depressed, starting to come back because of the hydro fracking industry.We see a lot of copper cases, sometimes you get a prosecutor that overcharges them with burglary when it should be criminal trespassing.

Interviewer: Oh, people will come and steal copper off of, like commercial buildings, and things like that?

Adam: A lot of abandoned buildings. So you see even, I guess, criminal trespassing, when they compile it properly, even more frequently.

Interviewer: Okay. Do you see a lot of trespassing in general?

Adam: Trespass is a big one. Criminal trespass is probably one of the most prolific, like I said, because they’re trying to break into abandoned homes and steal copper, or whatever.

Interviewer: What’s the difference between trespass and criminal trespass?

Adam: Well, in Ohio it’s just going to be criminal trespassing.As opposed to any other trespass, will probably be considered civil.

Interviewer: What kind of crimes do juveniles in your area tend to commit, that you see?

Adam: Juvenile law, that’s for kids that are under 18 years old. Almost the same one as adults. I mean, certain areas have become economically deprived, and there’s some decent outbreak in minor gang activity. Obviously nothing like you see out in Los Angeles or whatever. But, there’s quite a few, being almost exactly the same crimes. You see your burglaries, you see a lot of burglaries, a lot of criminal trespass, you see your assaults. You see almost the same crimes as with an adult.

Interviewer: Any in particular that stick out, in juvenile law?

Adam: Burglary is probably one of the more common. I think there’s more than, it might happen more in juvenile because they’re trying to break in and steal someone’s TV, as opposed to knowing enough on how to get the copper out or whatever. So a lot of times, it’s breaking into a home to steal a TV, or whatever electronics.

By Adam Hunt

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