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When Should I File for Bankruptcy?

While having debt can be stressful for everyone, it depends on the amount and what kind of debt to be eligible for filing for bankruptcy. But as we are all aware, many kinds of debt involve credit cards… Read More

Ohio Officer On DUI Patrol Struck By Drunken Driver

BLUE ASH, Ohio – On Thursday, a cop who was on patrol to catch impaired drivers, sustained injuries after his vehicle got hit by an intoxicated driver. A 34-year-old Cincinnati man was behind the wheel, driving intoxicated when… Read More

Drunk Driving Suspected In Accident That Took Place On I-470

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – An investigation of the two-vehicle accident that happened on I-470 revealed that the person behind the wheel of the at-fault vehicle was driving under the influence of alcohol. On Friday, four individuals sustained minor… Read More

Helicopter Used To Search For Driver Involved In DUI Crash In Miami Township

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A helicopter was utilized by the cops to search a motorist who got involved in a 3-vehicle accident that happened at Ohio Route 28. The accident happened on Wednesday night and since the driver… Read More

Close Call On Ohio Highway As Box Truck Crashed In Side Of Stopped Car

The accident that happened on Ohio highway was recorded on dashcam, which showed how the trooper and a driver saved themselves from getting involved and losing their lives. It can be seen on the recording that a box… Read More

Former NFL Player Troy Smith Charged With DUI And Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

Perry Township police charged 33-year-old Troy Smith for DUI Friday night. He is the former Ohio State quarterback and he also won the Heisman for which he is famous. He was stopped by the cops at around 9:30… Read More

Repeat Drunk Driver Sentenced For OVI

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Repeat drunk driver, Spencer Andrews, has been arrested four times for drunk driving, and one of these incidents resulted in the death of a bicyclist. Andrews was sentenced Thursday to 340 days in jail for… Read More

Ohio Man Arrested On Drunk Driving Charge After Truck Leaves CR466, Strikes Palm Tree

35-year-old Timothy D. Moran of Dayton, Ohio was arrested Saturday morning on a drunk driving charge after his pickup truck left County Road 466 and struck a palm tree. A reckless driver was reported to the Sumter County… Read More

Ohio Man Arrested On Drunken Driving Charge Early Saturday Morning

On Saturday, 35-year-old Timothy D. Moran was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol after the pickup truck he was driving left County Road 466 and hit a palm tree. After the accident was reported,… Read More

Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign Started By Law Enforcement

On Friday, enforcement officers from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio collaborated to begin the impaired driving enforcement campaign at the Interstate 64 rest stop in Huntington. The number of accidents and fatalities caused due to impaired driving has… Read More

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