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Being Proactive in Seeking Treatment Can Help Your Situation

Interviewer:What kind of assessment did you say people should get?

Adam:Anger management assessment or if there are any other issues, such as a drug issue, they should have a screening done. They should actively do anything to help themselves without being ordered by the court. This is something that the court looks on a little more favorably.

Are Drugs and Alcohol Usually a Factor in a Domestic Abuse Case?

Interviewer:How often are drugs and alcohol involved in domestic violence case? Is that pretty prevalent occurrence?

The Influence of Alcohol Is a Factor in Many Domestic Abuse Cases

Adam:I’d say that drugs and alcohol are probably more of a factor than not. I would also say that alcohol tends to be the most common element in a large majority of domestic violence cases.

Repeat Domestic Abuse Offenders Face a Larger Range of Possible Penalties, Including Jail Sentences

Interviewer:What are the possible sentences for multiple offenders? You mentioned that it typically is charged as a felony, so what would the range of penalties be?

Adam:It’s going to depend again on what court you are in, but you could be looking at mandatory sentencing of one year. If the victim was pregnant is also taken into account, which we discussed previously. The best outcome you can hope for is probation or an extended probation.

By Adam Hunt

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