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Attorney’s Experience

Interviewer: How long have you been practicing divorce law and how many cases do you think you’ve handled in the area?

Adam: Well, on top of just doing divorces I’ve pretty much done something in the domestic field since I’ve been licensed. Also, in addition to being an attorney I started out initially being guardian ad litem. I’d say I’m in domestic court at least once a week, either as part of dissolution or a divorce. It’s probably one of the most common phone calls I get.

Interviewer: What courts specifically in your area handle divorce matters and dissolutions?

Adam: Yes, they have domestic courts for every county, and it depends on the county, but some counties have a separate family court; for juvenile matters only.

Interviewer: I see.

Adam: Some of them handle both, so it just depends on the county, but it will be in a domestic court.

Guardian Ad Litem

Interviewer: You said you used to be a guardian. Can you say it again and explain what that is?

Adam: Guardian ad litem. Basically the easiest way to describe it to someone is position involves being an attorney for child. They can go out and do investigations that a court wouldn’t, go out and meet and talk to people as well as getting to know the child also. A guardian ad litem protects a child’s interests.

Interviewer: So it’s a guardian ad litem. You mentioned you get calls very frequently on divorce matters. Within divorce, I don’t know if a common person knows the names of the types of things that happen. So do you only deal with divorces, or do you deal with other family law matters and what are they and what are they called?
By Adam Hunt

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