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Attorney Hunt Has Represented Juveniles Charged with Prescription Drug Abuse

Interviewer: Do you deal with juveniles that are caught with drugs without a prescription or illegal drugs, and how is it different for them versus adults?

Adam: For children, most commonly, it’s going to be for a prescription drug issue, as opposed to the heroin charge. This is because they haven’t graduated, no pun intended, to that level of drug use.

Juvenile Charges Typically Involve Prescription Medication Stolen From Their Parents

Typically, what you’re going to see, are juveniles either trading from friends or stealing from their parents medicine cabinet. It’s not as big a problem probably as it is for the adults, but there is still that high incidence because we live in Trumbull County, and it is the per capita leader in addiction for prescriptions.

Interviewer: With the ADHD drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall, do you see any incidents of those being abused in schools?

Adam: I’ve never seen anyone actually get caught on that. I’m sure it does happen, but I would think by the same token that they’re probably a little more careful when they’re using it for studying purposes or whatever other use.

Marijuana Is the Second Most Common Drug Involved in Juvenile Cases

Interviewer: How about more traditional illegal drugs; do you see a lot of marijuana cases, or cocaine, or other substances?

Adam: Marijuana is probably the second most common, then cocaine. Marijuana one of the issues they have to be aware of in Ohio is that they’re probably looking at a six-month license suspension, depending on the outcome of the case. But they treat it the same as they would an OVI almost.

Penalties for Juvenile Marijuana Possession Include a Six-Month License Suspension

Interviewer: Why is driver’s license suspension tied to marijuana possession?

Adam: The way they structured the revised code in Ohio, at the time when it was written, was determined by the inability to measure how long ago did this person use the drug. So it was easier just to say, “Okay. You’re going to lose your license and we’re going to assume you were operating a vehicle under intoxication.’

And it’s tough to test impairment, even out in Colorado or other states that legalized marijuana, because the results are going to vary so much by individual.

By Adam Hunt

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