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Are You Protected in Case of an Auto Accident? What Type of Automobile Insurance Should You Purchase?

Interviewer: In terms of insurance, are there any recommendations you can make to people? Once you’ve had an accident, I guess it’s too late, but what are all the sources of insurance money that someone could get in a case? You did mention about having a rider on their policy for uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Your Auto Insurance Policy Should Include Medical Coverage

Adam: Right. They may also have medical coverage on their car insurance policy to help pay some of their medical expenses. There’s also the potential that the person that was negligent in the accident may have money themselves beyond their insurance. If they own property, it might be possible to attach that property.

State-Required Mandatory Minimum Insurance Coverage

Interviewer: How about the state-required mandatory minimum levels? Do most people have that or do some let it lapse?

In Ohio, Many People Carry Only the State-Required Minimum

Adam: I think in our area, especially, you’re going to see a lot of people have the state minimum due to the economic situation of Youngstown and the surrounding area. Currently, it’s really set at a low number. It’s only at $12,500. It is set to go up, I believe, to $25,000. I’m not sure of the exact date that it goes into effect, though.

Interviewer: Do most people have that, or they will carry higher levels?

Adam: I’d say in our area, you’re going to see a lot of people with state minimum coverage.

When Are People’s Assets Subject to Seizure if They Are Underinsured Drivers?

Interviewer: If you are involved in an auto accident with a person carrying higher levels of coverage, should you expect a greatly increased settlement offer?

Adam: It depends on the person that was involved in the accident. If they are not carrying higher levels of coverage and if they own assets, that is great and if they have money, even better. However, it gets a little more complicated to try and recoup money if it’s not coming directly from an insurance company.

Will the Police Always Determine Which Party Is at Fault in an Auto Accident?

Interviewer: When there is an auto accident, will one driver always be found at fault in the accident by the police?

The Police Will Not Always Determine Which Driver Was Negligent

Adam: Not necessarily. They don’t always issue a citation or even, in their reports, they don’t always determine who was negligent.

Can You Still Make a Personal Injury Claim If You Were at Fault in an Auto Accident?

Interviewer: If you think you have a claim and you were found to be at fault, let’s say for a traffic infraction, does it make it impossible for you to collect?

Adam: Potentially, being declared at fault could complicate a case. It depends on what the driving infraction was and if it’s actually going to be attributed to the cause of the accident.

What Type of Negligence Can Harm Making a Personal Injury Claim? What Traffic Infractions Are Not Considered Harmful to a Claim?

Interviewer: Do you have any examples of what type of negligence would make it just about impossible or what infractions people could be cited for and think they would be doomed, but they’re not doomed?

A Drunken Driving Citation Can Significantly Impact a Personal Injury Case

Adam: The prime example would be if they were cited with an OVI or drunk driving. Even though it might not have caused the accident and the other driver may have been at fault. That could complicate a case.

Minor Traffic Infractions Can Make a Case More Complicated

Interviewer: Would making an illegal left turn, blowing through a stop sign or another a simple traffic infraction really hurt someone’s case?

Was Your Traffic Infraction the Cause of the Auto Accident?

Adam: It probably would make the case more complicated and difficult to win, but it wouldn’t make it impossible. It depends on what the other person did and if the traffic infraction was the actual cause of the accident.

By Adam Hunt

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