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Annie’s Law Goes Into Effect In Ohio To Stop Repeat Drunk Drivers

DAYTON, Ohio – On Tuesday, a law named as “Annie’s law” went into effect in Ohio to stop DUI drivers from driving on the roadways and killing sober drivers.

The law is named after a girl, Annie Rooney, who died 4 years back due to a driver who struck her while driving impaired.

The penalties for first time offenders have increased, according to the law, and a new system is implemented to stop repeat offenders.

Under the law, the license suspension period for 1st time offenders will be decreased to half if they install an interlock device, which will prevent their vehicle’s engine to start before their blood alcohol level limit is checked. The device requires the driver to submit their breath sample before it allows the engine to start.

First time OVI offenders will have their driver’s license suspended for 1 year now, according to the new law. 10 year history of the offender will be checked instead of just 6 years.

According to an individual, who also lost her daughter due to a DUI driver back in 2012, she is in favor of every law that stops OVI drivers and accidents.

She said losing someone in a crash as a result of drunk driving is a life-changing event that could happen to anyone. Janet Carpenter said, “You will never have that same life again. You will never have the extreme peace — at least that I used to — knowing my kids were safe, going to school. They were productive individuals. You don’t have that anymore”. She added that she worries about who will be suffering next. “It’s not, ‘Oh it won’t happen.’ It’s scary. Who are you going to know who’s going to lose another child to that situation, another loved one”.

According to Sgt. Chris Colbert of Dayton’s Ohio State Highway Patrol, 40 percent of all the deaths that occurred in road crashes were linked to OVI. He added, “On average, there’s between high 900 to 1,200 people a year killed in fatal crashes. You take away a third of that, that’s 300 people. That is significant. Every person that is killed is someone’s brother, son, mother, father, cousin. Those people are important to someone”.

States where similar laws are implemented got the number OVI accidents and deaths reduced to almost half.

Annie’s law was signed by Governor Kascih in the month of January.

Source: www.nbc4i.com

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