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Advice for People Charged With Domestic Abuse

Interviewer: Do you have any recommendation on what to do versus what not to do you for someone that’s accused of domestic violence? How can they best help their situation? Is there anything to avoid doing that can be detrimental?

Adam:There are a couple things that can be done. First of all, it’s always going to be better to have an attorney and to follow the no contact order. If there’s children involved, depending on the county, you can either go do the domestic court or the juvenile court.

Get the visitation ordered, which would probably amount to a third party being responsible for the pick up or drop off location, something to that effect where the alleged victim and defendant wouldn’t have direct contact.

Should You Volunteer for Counseling?

Interviewer: Does it help at all if you are accused of domestic violence and you voluntarily sign up for an anger management course before your case runs its course?

Adam:Anything that a defendant would do without a court order is looked on a little more favorably than if it was imposed or mandated by the court or through prosecution and the plea agreement.

Interviewer:Would you recommend that they voluntarily attend an anger management course?

Adam:I would recommend that or at least have an assessment done to determine whether they need to go to an anger management course. This can help to get a better plea bargain, or mitigates what the penalty will be.

By Adam Hunt

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