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22-Year-Old Florida Man Sentenced To 60 Years For DUI Deaths Of 4 Ohio Men

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – 22-year-old Cody Austin Shirah has been sentenced to 60 years in jail as he caused an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol and killed 4 Ohio softball players.

He ran through a stop sign and his vehicle collided with the van in which the victims were travelling.

The names of the individuals who died in the accident are given below:

  • Eric Young, 25
  • William Gouge II, 29
  • Anthony Gouge, 30
  • Josh Martin, 33

Relatives of the victims were present in the court during sentencing and they asked for the maximum penalty of life in prison for Shirah.

Shirah was showing regret on his decision of drinking alcohol and driving; he was weeping in the court and was asking for forgiveness.

The accident happened in 2016 and he was convicted on DUI manslaughter charges.

The judge took some blame for the accident caused by Shirah prior to making the final decision as he said that Shirah was released by him on drug offender probation a few months before the accident.

News Source: www.MySanAntonio.com

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