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Drunk Drivers In Ohio Ordered To Install Lyft Or Uber

Motorists, who choose to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel, may have to face an additional consequence now. It is obvious that they have to pay a huge amount in fines, spend time in prison and attend… Read More

New Crime Lab Opens In Springfield To Test Opiates

On Tuesday, a new lab was opened by the Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, in collaboration with officials from Clark County and the city of Springfield. The lab will assist in criminal investigations to reduce the crime rate.… Read More

Drugged Drivers Feared More Than Drunk Drivers

DAYTON, Ohio – A recent survey conducted by AAA shows that a majority of Ohio drivers fear drugged driving more than they fear drunk driving. The report, which was released from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, shows that… Read More

Ohio Man Pulled Over For Drinking And Driving Wearing “This Guy Needs A Beer” Shirt

ALLIANCE, OH – Jeremy Dean was taken into custody a few days ago by the cops for driving drunk while wearing a shirt on which the words “This guy needs a beer” could be seen. Dean struck a… Read More

Drugged Drivers Viewed As A Bigger Threat Than Drunk Drivers

TOLEDO, OH – According to a AAA survey, people living in Ohio are more afraid of drivers behind the wheel who are driving under the influence of drugs than those driving drunk. The survey revealed, “Three out of… Read More

Annie’s Law Goes Into Effect In Ohio To Stop Repeat Drunk Drivers

DAYTON, Ohio – On Tuesday, a law named as “Annie’s law” went into effect in Ohio to stop DUI drivers from driving on the roadways and killing sober drivers. The law is named after a girl, Annie Rooney,… Read More

St. Clairsville Man Convicted Of His Seventh Drunk Driving Offense

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – On Thursday, 52-year-old Timothy Shippy was convicted of his 7th DUI offense in Belmont County. He pleaded guilty to an amended charge of OWI. In June 2016, he caused an accident as he was… Read More

46-Year-Old Man Arrested For ‘Super Drunk’ Driving Wrong Way To Ohio

On Friday, 46-year-old Christopher Robertson was stopped by the police on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Township as his vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic. His intoxication tests showed that he was “super drunk.” A motorist called… Read More

Ohio Man Arrested For Super Drunk Driving Wrong Way

BLOOMFIELD TWP. – On Friday, 46-year-old Christopher Robertson was stopped by the cops on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Township as he was driving under the influence of alcohol. The police received a report at about 9:30 a.m. about… Read More

New Bill Signed Into DUI Law Aims To Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

In 2017, Gov. John Kasich signed a bill with the intention to reduce the number of DUI accidents and fatalities in Ohio. House Bill 388, called “Annie’s Law,” was proposed after the death of Annie Rooney. She died… Read More

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